A resort above the clouds / Azumaya Mountain Resort and Spa

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Azumaya Mountain Resort and Spa

A plateau resort surrounded by clear air and mountains.

Azumaya Mountain Resort and Spa is a resort hotel on a plateau 1500m above sea level. You will surely be surprised by our mountain scenery and high quality hot springs. This resort hotel is conveniently located around 2 hours and 30 minutes from Tokyo, or 3 hours and 30 minutes from Nagoya. Activities to enjoy the great outdoors are available year-round for kids and adults alike. There is also a ski area 20 minutes away by car, so you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter.

A plateau resort surrounded by clear air and mountains.
  • Sightseeing

    • Karuizawa


      The famous Japanese tourist attraction John Lennon loved.
      Approx.90min by car.

    • Ueda Castle Park

      Ueda Castle Park

      The ruins of the castle of famous Japanese samurai Sanada Yukimura.
      Approx.30min by car.

    • Sugadaira Kogen Ski Area

      Sugadaira Kogen Ski Area

      Enjoy winter sports from around December to March.
      Approx.20min by car.

    • Zenko-ji temple

      Zenko-ji temple

      Approx.90min by car.

  • Activities

    • Nature guide tour

      Nature guide tour

      Take a morning walk to enjoy magnificent nature.

    • Stargazing


      See countless stars lighting up the sky.

    • Hiking/ trekking

      Hiking/ trekking

      Take an excursion to enjoy mountain scenery.

    • Winter sports

      Winter sports

      Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.

  • Guest room

    We have five different types of guest rooms such as Japanese Style Room, Japanese & Western Style Room, Suite Room, Twin Room, Delax Twin Room.
    Mountain scenery can be enjoyed from all rooms.
    Please choose one of five lodging styles to fit your purposes.

    Guest room
  • Onsen

    From the grand bath, you can see beautiful mountain scenery that changes with the seasons as you enjoy our high quality hot spring water.
    From the open-air bath at night, you are sure to be surprised by the countless shining stars in the sky.

  • Cuisine

    For meals, you can taste traditional mountain dishes made with fresh local ingredients.
    Our meals feature traditional dishes like tempura, grilled fish, and boiled dishes that are only available in this region.
    We have also prepared various alcoholic beverages like local sakes and wines to help you enjoy your meal even more.

  • Access


Free shuttle bus from Ueda Station

You can take a free shuttle bus from JR Ueda Station (Onsen-guchi Rotary) to Azumaya Mountain Resort and Spa. Around 40 minutes (by reservation)
*Journey time may vary depending on road conditions. Please give yourself extra time.

  • JR Ueda Station
  • 14:30 departure / 17:00 departure
  • Azumaya Mountain Resort and Spa
  • Azumaya Mountain Resort and Spa
  • 10:15 departure
  • JR Ueda Station
Reservations / inquiries +81-268-74-3300
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